Guitar Basics

xThe guitar is an instrument with ancient roots and is used in several different musical genres.
Guitars usually have six strings but you can find guitars with seven, ten or even twelve strings.
Guitars are typically the main instrument in music such as rock, blues, country, and forms of
pop. Guitars may also be used as a solo instrument. Traditional guitars are made of wood and
steel or nylon strings.

Guitars may be played either acoustically or may need to rely on an amplifier. There are various
types of guitars. First there is the acoustic guitar. In an acoustic guitar, the sound is created by
vibrating strings that are echoed in the hollow body of the guitar. It does not depend on anything
external to produce its sound.

 It depends on a wooden piece that is mounted on the front of the
guitar. The acoustic guitar is typically quieter than the instruments you would find in an
orchestra or band so it is usually externally amplified. There are a lot of acoustic guitars that
ave different pickups so the player can modify and amplify the sound of the instrument.
There are different types of acoustic guitars. They are steel string guitars, twelve string guitars,
arch top guitars, flamenco, and classical guitars. There is also the acoustic bass guitar.

The invention of the electric guitar has influenced much of the music of the twentieth century
and popular culture. An electric guitar relies on an amplifier that helps to manipulate the tone of
the instrument electronically. An electric guitar uses what you call pickups to change the
vibration of the strings into an electrical current, which is then amplified. The electrical signal
that emits from the guitar may be altered electronically before it passes into the amplifier. This
makes the final sound. Some electric guitars have the ability to sound like an acoustic guitar
with the flip of a switch.

Unlike the acoustic guitar, an electric guitar usually does not have a hollow body and the guitar
makes very little sound when you pluck the strings. When the strings are plucked an electric
current is generated. This current is then sent through a wire to an amplifier. The current
produced varies depending on how dense the string is and how much movement occurs (how you
are strumming the guitar).

The electric guitar was initially used in jazz music and is now used in many other genres of
music such as rock and roll, blues, country, new-age and modern classical music.
Some hybrids of electric and acoustic guitars are currently available. There are some very exotic
guitars available as well. There are guitars with two three or even four necks.

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about guitars

The guitar is a plucked string instrument, played either with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number but sometimes more, are attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with animal gut or, more recently, with either nylon or steel strings. Some modern guitars are made of polycarbonate materials. Guitars are made and repaired by luthiers. There are two primary families of guitars: acoustic and electric.xml



Learning something is always difficult at first so do your best not to get frustrated if your fingers
hurt, the guitar goes out of tune, if your neighbors begin complaining or if you don’t sound great
right away.  All guitar heroes had to begin where you are right now.

The difference between those that try and give up and good guitar players is that the one who
becomes the great guitar player keeps trying no matter what and fights through the rough
patches.  Just remember that playing the guitar should be fun.  Don’t give up, keep practicing and
enjoy yourself.  Before you know it you will be the next guitar hero!xml

Earning Money with Your Guitar

Now that you’ve learn the basics of the guitar, how to play notes and chords, and how to
purchase the right guitar for you, why not try to earn a little money with your new hobby!  There
a few ways to do this. 

You can consider forming your own band.  Look for people that are around your age that share
the same musical interests.  If you go to a music seminar you can find potential band members.
You can also consider looking towards school music programs, music stores and music teachers
in the area to find potential band mates.  You can put in an ad in your local paper but this could
be expensive.  A better choice is to post a flyer in the music store in your neighborhood or just
talking to others.  There are internet bulletin boards where you can advertise for band mates. 

You can also consider giving lessons once you become an advanced guitar player.  You can
advertise in music stores and in the local newspaper.  You may want to print a flyer and include
your contact information, where you are, the hours you work and what you charge.  You should
also indicate what level you teach and what music genre you teach. 

If you love music and enjoy playing your guitar you might want to find a job working in a music
store.  If you become employed in a music store, you will meet other musicians such as yourself
and you will gain knowledge about the guitar and various music styles.  You may learn about
paying jobs for musicians.  Another important thing is that your will meet musicians in your
town and learn from them.   

A great perk that you receive when working in a music store is that you get an employee
discount on guitar gear.  You will have access to new items and find out what in new and hot in

the world of guitarists.  You can learn a lot from customers so you should listenxml

Buying a Guitar Online

Of course I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t mention buying a guitar online.  A number of
years ago, purchasing a guitar online site unseen was unheard of.  However, the internet has
changed the way we do many things, including how guitars are bought.  You can look at the E-
bay guitar auctions to see just how many guitars are being bought and sold every day. 

Even so, guitarists should not dive in recklessly.  We all know that there are possible
consequences if you buy online. There are a lot of hazards attached to buying a guitar online
from someone that you do not know.  If you want to buy a guitar online be sure to check Dealer 
Reviews archive.  This site lets guitarists submit ratings and descriptions of certain instrument
retailers.  You will find reviews of retailers such as Musician’s Friend and others.  The most
current reviews of vendors are found on  On this site you can enter the name of
the vendor you are thinking about buying from and do some research.  

Shipping instruments can be a hassle as well.  Those who handle your instrument will not always
use care and sometimes instruments arrive damaged.  The damage could have been caused by
incorrect packaging or rough handling.  You may want to get your instrument packed
professionally using a store like Mailbox Etc. if you are getting it shipped.  When you use a
service like Maibox Etc., the buyer can contact the store before the guitar is shipped and get a
confirmation of the contents.

The most intimidating part of buying an instrument on the internet is that you will not get a
chance to play the guitar before you purchase it.  Many people who have played guitars in music
stores know that quality varies a great deal from guitar to guitar.  Any product made from wood
will have different degrees of quality.  Because of this, you may get a guitar that does not have
the quality you want.  In this case, most retailers online offer a return policy that will allow you
to send back a guitar you don’t want.  You can return the guitar between 24 and 48 hours.
However, what retailers will not tell you is that by law, they are required to give you a 30 day
return policy.   

Once you have weighed your options, and you still want to take a chance and buy your guitar
online, you will have to search for that perfect guitar.  There are a number of sites that can help
you find certain guitars. 

The Guitar Base Mall lets individuals search for certain guitars and provides contact information
for the person of store that is selling the instrument.  On this site, there are many guitars being
sold by singular owners so you may find more problems than if you purchase the guitar from a
major retailer online.    

There are numerous guitar retailers online.  There are a lot that operate mainly as a music store in
a certain location and may take mail orders through the web.  There are also those music stores
that are online only.  A lot of these retailers are more experienced in selling and buying on the
internet so the purchasing process should go smoothly.  

Three online websites you can look into are 1-800-Instuments, 8th Street Music, and Costello’s 
Music.  1-800-Instruments combine a store and an e-zine that features review.  It is based in
Australia but has international shipping.  8th Street Music offers keyboards, pro-audio gear and
other items for sale.  This site features used and vintage guitars.  The selection is limited though.

Costello’s Music doesn’t carry a lot of guitars but they offer such items as keyboards and drums.
They ship only in the within the United States.

Guitar Trader Online, Musician’s Friend,, and Zzounds are other good sites to
buy a guitar.  Guitar Trader Online offers a big selection of guitars and other equipment and
shipping in instantly calculated when you place an order.

Musician’s Friend has an extremely large collection of guitars and guitar equipment.  This site is
one of the most popular music retailers on the internet.  The site features internet deals and
weekly articles. is a large online music retailer and sells different instruments.
There are many guitar brands for sale on the site at good prices.  Zzounds is another site with a
large selection of guitar brands.  This site has contests and free giveaways.  They don’t offer
international shipping.